Kerakol Event 14th March 2014

Architects Meet - by Kerakoll 14th March 2014

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Chai Coffee & Architecture Session:10 : 20 Sep 2013
Ar. J R Bhalla : Book Launch
Chai Coffee & Architecture April '13
Chai Coffee and Architecture Session 01
Chai Coffee & Architecture Session 02
Chai Coffee & Architecture Session 3

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Chai Coffee and Architecture : Architectural Practice & Compliances

Chai, Coffee and Architecture took a break as the world was busy discussing politics on programs like “Chai Pe Charcha”, “Chai Stop” etc. A concept that we would like to believe was started by us almost a year and a half ago.

After a break of almost 2 months “Chai Coffee and Architecture” is now [...]

Update Membership Details

Dear Fellow Architects,

IIA has undertaken the task of updating the details of its members for better communication as well as for conducting the elections through E-Governance.

You may download the Membership Details form here

We request you please send your updated contact details in format given. The same should reach IIA HO before 30th [...]





The Objective of the IIA AWARDS is to encourage, acknowledge, appreciate and honour the creative contribution of the IIA Members in the field of Architecture.


The IIA AWARDS are presented annually. The IIA AWARD is a specially designed PLAQUE & a CERTIFICATE, one in each category. [...]

Architectural Study Tour of Europe : June 2014

Dear Fellow Architects,As we all know that in architecture seeing is learning. As an attempt to take this learning experience forward, and mixed with spirit of vacation, the Northern Chapter is planning an architectural tour to Europe. Tentatively the tour shall start in the first week June of 2014.Please note that the seats are limited [...]

Architects Meet -by Kearkoll 7:30 PM 14th March 2014, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Dear Fellow Architects,

It is time to meet-up again, this time in a more relaxed setting at the India Habitat Centre.

We are forwarding an invite from Kerakoll for an “Architects Meet” on Friday, 14th March 2014. Kerakoll will be making a presentation on Simplifying Flooring Installations. This will be followed by Cocktails and Dinner.


Chai Coffee and Architecture 28th Feb 2014 : Financial planning

Financial planning is a domain we as Architects largely ignore in the midst of our creative persuits all our life. Yet, it is a critical aspect where – be it our family, or office, or projects that we handle or even our whole life in general – financial planning and preparing for unforeseen circumstances helps [...]

IIA NC : Events – Feb-May 2014

This is an advance information related to the programs planned, by The Northern Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects, between 28th Feb to 9th of May. We request you to please block your dates, as per the schedule given below. Detailed information about each program shall also be sent to you in due course:


Architectural Tour to Europe tentatively between 27th May to 11th June 2014

As we all know that in architecture seeing is learning. As an attempt to take this learning experience forward, and mixed with spirit of vacation, the Northern Chapter is planning an architectural tour to Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy. Tentatively the tour shall start on 27th May and end on 11th June of 2014. [...]

IIA (NC) Committee on Landmark Buildings of Modern Architecture in Delhi

As you are aware that in the last session of ‘Chai Coffee and Architecture’, on 06.01.13, at SPA Committee Room, discussion was held about the importance of land mark buildings of post independence era, in the context of Delhi’s architectural history.

All the participants, present, were of the unanimous opinion that the landmark buildings constructed [...]

Modern Architectural Heritage of Delhi under threat : Chai, Coffee and Architecture : 6th Jan 2014

66 Years has been added to Delhi’s History, after independence. During this period a number of buildings too, have been added to Delhi’s rich architectural-heritage. These buildings are important milestones of architectural time line of the post independence era. These buildings embody architectural attempts with purity of form and function while drawing from Indian architecture. [...]